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Vein Treatment Therapy Options

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November 24, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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Vein Treatment Therapy Options

Vein Treatment Therapy Options | Chicago IL Medical Spa | SchamburgVein problems like spider veins and varicose veins are common in nearly 60 percent of adults that get aggravated as they grow older. Spider veins are a milder form of vein problem which are characterized by thin spidery networks in blue and red visible under the skin’s surface. When spider veins are left untreated for a long time they can turn into varicose veins that are characterized by bulging unsightly snakelike shapes visible under the skin.

Both these vein problems are the result of dysfunctional veins that are created to stop blood from running back from the heart to legs. Due to long periods of standing up or sitting down these veins become loose and allow backwash process. This backwash of fluid stretches veins leading to swelling in the legs and ankles. Besides causing veins to stand out like under-skin snakes, varicose veins also causes discomforts like cramping and throbbing in the legs at night.

Skin treatment methods like sclerotherapy, laser rays, and wearing tight knee length socks help in reducing aggravation of varicose veins. The improvement in treatment methods has led to slow increase in people undergoing vein therapy by nearly 5 percent that comprise of both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

If patient wants to undergo treatment for spider veins before they get aggravated then catheter treatment is adopted. During this process which can be carried out in a Medical Spa or hospital, the physician inserts a thin catheter into an engorged vein. The tip of this catheter is then heated from outside and when it is sufficiently warm then it is rapidly pulled out by the doctor which forces the vein to seal shut permanently.


Treatment methods

Sclerotherapy – The treatment for varicose veins is done in Med Spa by injecting solution into patient’s veins that scars these inflated veins and forces them to shrink to normal size. This treatment forces bloods to get routed through healthy veins and takes just 20-30 minutes. A new form of Sclerotherapy for treatment of varicose veins is called Foam Sclerotherapy which usesm k medication in the form of foam for injection into patient’s infected veins.

When the affected veins are very deep under the skin and are difficult to trace then ultrasound machine is used to find them. To carry out this treatment the doctor delivers laser directly into the deep affected veins by tracing them with ultrasound and closes them permanently with laser rays. This ultra sound assisted Sclerotherapy is carried out in Medical Spa after administration of local anesthesia.

Laser Treatment – For the treatment of aggravated varicose veins patients of Chicago should always take advice of experienced dermatologist like Dr. Sameer Naseeruddin, MD. He can skillfully use laser surgery to reduce varicose veins by sending laser rays into affected veins to fade and die. As this treatment requires administration of local anesthesia it should be done by trained medical practitioner only as they know exactly how much light has to be sent into each vein.

Though all these methods are effective in removing varicose veins with minimal scaring they are not permanent and can occur again if preventive measures are not taken.


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