Restores healthy blood flow by closing diseased veinsVENCLOSE™ Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure:

Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation (ClosureFast®):
Controlled heat through radiofrequency energy in the vein walls causing them to collapse and seal.

Uses a medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein.

Varithena (Chemical Vein Ablation):
Prescription medicine used to treat varicose veins caused by problems with the great saphenous vein

process used to treat varicose or spider veins in a patient

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Dr. Naseeruddin utilizes cutting-edge technology including the latest in venous innovations and injection techniques to treat a myriad of varicose vein diseases and spider vein removal in Schaumburg IL. He is constantly expanding his evidence based medicine expertise through correspondence with colleagues from all over the world. Skypoint Vein’s Varicose Vein Treatment Center in Schaumburg IL includes the above treatments.

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