How much does the HCG Diet Cost?

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How much does the HCG Diet Cost?

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How much does the HCG Diet Cost? | Schaumburg | Chicago Med SpaHCG diet is a time-tested and highly effective way to achieve stable and healthy weight loss. But the cost of this med spa procedure will not be covered by health insurance. Therefore, many patients want to know the costs of HCG diet, and compare it with other treatment options that may be available to them.

A dedicated physician will educate the patient about all aspects related to the HCG diet, including its estimated costs. Their first goal will be to help the patient make an informed choice. Sky Balance medical spa, led by Dr. Sameer Naseeruddin, provides HCG diet to patients in Schaumburg, Chicago, IL, and surrounding communities.


Factors Influencing the Cost

The cost of HCG diet can vary from one med spa to another, and may even vary between two patients at the same med spa in a few cases. Some of the key factors that will influence the actual cost of the treatment include:


Location of the Med Spa

Where the med spa is located will usually make a significant difference to the cost of the HCG diet procedure. The cost of living index varies from one region to another, depending on the median household incomes, real estate costs, employment opportunities, local taxation, and other factors.

Therefore, costs in major metropolitan areas, cities along the coastal regions, and other prime urban centers will be higher than the costs in smaller towns or interior areas.


Expertise of the Treatment Provider    

The fee charged by the treatment provider will depend on their qualifications and experience in providing procedures such as HCG diet program. A well-qualified physician with a successful track record of performance and enjoy a robust reputation among patients should be preferred for HCG diet treatment.

Fee charged by the physician should be considered as a secondary factor while choosing the provider. Costs will be quickly forgotten, but the results will have a long-term impact on the patient’s health. Therefore, patients should ideally choose the right provider for a procedure such as HCG diet program.


Extent of Treatment

The HCG diet will include an extended program of injections along with a unique diet plan. The patient should be prepared to pay for an initial consultation and the costs of injections. The med spa may charge on a per injection basis, so the overall treatment sticker price may vary according to the total number of injections received by a patient.

Some versions of HCG diet may also include the use of appetite suppressants and daily injections of certain stimulants. If these treatments are added to the regimen, the monetary amount estimate should factor in their price as well. The patient may also have to pay for any follow-up visits.

Some patients may not lose the desired amount of weight after the HCG diet program. The physician may recommend them to go through the program all over again after a break of six weeks. The price tag will go up in such situations.

Patients who combine HCG diet with other treatments may be eligible for a rebate or a package price. Sky Balance medical spa receives patients from Schaumburg, Chicago, IL, and nearby areas for HCG diet and various other treatments.

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