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Massachusetts Cannabis

Massachusetts Cannabis

Dispensaries have a range of cannabis strains, each with its specific benefits and medicinal effects. Our recreational cannabis dispensaries are highly intentional about our stock of cannabis choices and only offer strains that help with medicinal treatment and improve our daily life with recreational influences.

Growers have learned to manipulate various hybrid strains to create unique and more robust products. Our cannabis dispensaries in the United States sell strains that have a desirable look, taste, and effect on the users, as well as medicinal effects to resolve specific body and mind conditions. People trust our medical cannabis dispensaries to offer exactly what is listed in the strain’s description, and we do our best to ensure its accuracy before presenting it for sale. Below are some standard options for Massachusetts cannabis strains from Cannabis Dispensary.

Common Strains From Cannapi Dispensary And The Best Marijuana Dispensaries In Massachusetts

Chocolate OG

Chocolate OG is an Indica cannabis strain created from a blend of Chocolate Rain and True OG. It is a favored strain in the market because of its high THC content, which can get up to 30%.

Chocolate OG leaves up to its name because it has chocolate hairs, a highly aesthetic appeal, and smells almost resembling cocoa. The effect of the strain is just as powerful as anticipated, which means that it is a highly potent pick when you want to influence your cerebral activities to enhance bliss and psychedelic qualities.

Many users will recommend using it during the night or late in the evening because it makes your body relax and allows your mind to drift into a deep, peaceful, and blissful sleep.

Quattro Kush

The strain originates from the Ethos genetics of cannabis and is a dominant Indica with only 30% of Sativa. Anyone with a refined taste palate for strains will tell you that it has a spicy and earthy taste that intensifies as you smoke more of it. Quattro Kush helps alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and resolve nausea by keeping the body and mind relaxed.

In other words, Quattro is extremely helpful in helping your mind relax so that it can get rid of negative thought patterns and appeal to your decision-making mindset, all while keeping you calm. We encourage you to take this strain when you are in the middle of a chaotic day or the morning, so you can fire up your mind to focus on positive things that make for a happy life.

Papaya Cake

This THC-dominant cannabis strain is a cross between a wedding cake and papaya strains. The terpene in the strain adds its sweet lemon-like aroma. The strain is an excellent choice for evening use when you want to relax your body and bring joy and happiness that will positively affect your brain. Some of the conditions you can resolve with Papaya Cake include:

  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Reports state that it does boost one’s appetite and helps in improving brain activity making it the perfect choice for calming racing thoughts. Check out our marijuana dispensaries near you and shop online with us to get some of the best strains for your mind and body.  


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