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HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss

The HCG Weight Loss Protocol has been a means for many of our patients to begin or continue on their personal road to improved health and quality of life through a sustained six week weight loss program.

A person consumes a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of a particular food list while using low dose HCG (a hormone) and lose weight. HCG comes in various forms such as drops, injections, or nasal sprays recommended by the physician to suit our clients lifestyle. Our program includes lipotropic (fat burning) injections at the onset and end of the program. These injections may also be purchased A la Carte. The program is done safely by a physician who takes a history and physical examination and laboratory analysis to make sure the client is a safe and appropriate candidate for the program.

The protocol tends to rid the body of “abnormal” fat rather than sub-cutaneous or organ-cushioning fat.

Patients will typically keep the weight off for an extended period of time rather than immediately re-gaining it as seen in most “diet” programs with proper guidance.

*Weight loss over six weeks with compliance is typically 20-30lbs. Results may vary.

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