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Drug Addiction Treatment Anaheim

Article provided by: Star Recovery Center

Drug Addiction Treatment Anaheim

Dealing with drug addiction every day can quickly turn into a nightmare. To recover fast and safely, you need to undergo immediate drug addiction treatment in Anaheim. At Star Recovery Centers, we offer detox services, inpatient care, therapy, and counseling, helping people rebuild their lives from scratch.

Early rehab treatment is key to successful recovery

Drug addiction is a progressive disorder with life-changing consequences over time. Most addicts develop co-occurring mental disorders along the way and develop personal, professional, and legal problems as the disorder progresses. Early treatment is essential for fast recovery and improved sobriety over the years. Depending on the drug you’re using, your addiction will change your brain’s chemistry fast, triggering severe cognitive and behavioral changes.

Delaying treatment for too long will make those changes irreversible and make the recovery process a lot more difficult. To prevent that, you need to contact our clinicians as soon as possible. If you’re already experiencing withdrawal, your only chance to sobriety is beginning the detox program and preparing yourself for inpatient care at a reputed treatment facility.

How drug rehab works

The rehabilitation process works in stages, taking you through a structured recovery system. This system relies on tools like:

  • Medical detoxification – Using medication and therapy to diagnose your addiction and address its causes during treatment. The detoxification procedure can last several weeks, and it will flush the drug from your body, repair the nervous system, and diminish the discomfort of the withdrawal.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Our drug addiction treatment in Anaheim relies on dual diagnosis to identify and treat mental problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, etc. It is essential for preparing the patient for smooth and sustainable recovery and sobriety, even after leaving our facility.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient treatment offers a minimum of a 30-day stay and provides a controlled and safe environment for full detox and stabilization. The program uses medication management, therapy, counseling, support groups, and continuous supervision and assistance to promote stability and healing.
  • Outpatient program – The outpatient program functions as a link-treatment between inpatient care and an independent and sober lifestyle. It requires your presence for treatment, therapy, and drug testing for up to three days per week.
  • Aftercare program – Alumni-style programs are defining features of any successful drug addiction treatment in Anaheim. They promote long-term stability, healthy living and strengthen individuals’ commitment to sobriety over the years. The aftercare programs can require weekly or monthly treatment, depending on your overall progress and needs.

Find the best drug rehab centers nearby

If you’re ready to quit drugs today, you need to contact our team for assessment and detox. The sooner we begin the treatment, the faster you will begin the healing process, and the more reliable the long-term results.

Contact our counselors at Stars Recovery Centers, ask about our payment and treatment options, and let’s find what works for you! We can make an appointment today to give you a facility tour, assess your health and medical history, and make plans for detox and treatment.

Drug Addiction Treatment Anaheim