October 20, 2016

High Dose Vitamin C IV Infusion Kills Cancer Cells

Research has shown that vitamin C is a robust antioxidant that has the power to boost immune function, improve resistance to infection, and provide protection against […]
October 12, 2016

How much does the HCG Diet Cost?

HCG diet is a time-tested and highly effective way to achieve stable and healthy weight loss. But the cost of this med spa procedure will not […]
October 8, 2016

What is a Myers’ Cocktail Vitamin Infusion?

One of the most popular intravenous vitamin infusion med spa treatments available today is Myers’ Cocktail. This unique treatment is designed to enhance the immune system, […]
September 23, 2016

Restylane Lyft Injections for Lips and Cheek

The mid-face area, particularly the cheeks provide a fuller, rounder look to the face, while lips accentuate facial definition and beauty. However, aging effects, sun and […]